Delete Event History

Can the Event History of each component of the Alarm System be deleted?

Or, only specific components?

If yes, how do I do that?

If the Event History canNOT be deleted by me in total, does each event automatically delete after it is 60 days old?

What is the reasoning for not allowing the owner to delete his own Event History?


Hey @DonC ! You are correct in that the Alarm history is automatically deleted after 60 days. This history is simply reported and displayed differently than a Camera enabled device’s even history, which is why neighbors cannot delete it in the app.

I’ve heard this requested in the past, and will be happy to share this feature request with the team to reinforce value of such an option! :slight_smile:


It really is not that important to me.

I am just a habitual deleter!

I just don’t like having to scroll through events that mean nothing to me - like:

"Me" being detected by my 1 Motion Detector a gazillion times every day

My exterior doors being opened & then closed when “I” go in & out of them several times a day

Automatically deleting after 60 days is good enough for me for now.


How do you set up automatic deletion?

@reja youy can’t delete alarm events. You can only delete videos from cameras.

I really want to be able to delete my alarm history too. There are so many its completely useless if you actually want to try and find something.



Is there a way to completely disable the system history logging when the system is disarmed?

If not, please pass that along to the devs to include this in their code, shouldn’t take them more than 30s to implement.

//assume (AlarmSystem.OwnerLikesPrivacy = true), unless they opt out of private mode when disarmed
if(AlarmSystem.IsDisarmed && AlarmSystem.OwnerLikesPrivacy){   //don't log, let people have their privacy } else {   RingCloud.Log(event);   // ... do your other system logic }

@DetM nice use of pseudo code!! :wink:


It’s been almost a year since this was originally asked. I would like to set my own schedule for deleting history. 60 days is a long time and if you have a phone without much storage, this will certainly affect storage negatively. I would like to save mine for 14 -30 days max.

Hi @Redbets. While there is no way to delete Ring Alarm events manually or any sooner than the current time frame, the Event History in the Ring App is not stored locally on your phone, so there’s no need to worry about any storage space being taken up. :slight_smile: