Delete all videos disappeared from iOS app on iPad

Unableto delete all checked videos. Delete all no longer exists when I click edit button

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Hey @Markl536. When you are in “edit mode” after clicking on the Edit button, are you accidentally selecting any of your videos in the history? You will need to click only on the circles to select the video and then delete them in masses this way. Our teams have found that with the recent iOS update that whenever a neighbor clicks on a video after going into edit mode, the delete button on the blue bar will disappear when reverting back to the list of all events. This should be fixed in one of the future app updates to come, just so you know this work around won’t be long for you! :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed an apparent bug when I am deleting events from my history in the Ring app on my iPhone and iPad. In the past I have been able to check the circle next to the events and then click on a small red garbage can icon in the lower left to bulk-delete them. However, if miss the circle and the video of the event comes up, if I click “Done” or if I delete it in that window , then when I return to the list of events the garbage can icon is gone. I must the to go back to the Dashboard and start things over. It’s a nuisance.

Or am I doing something wrong?