Delete All fails: "Something Went Wrong"

Beginning in early July, when I try to use the Delete All command in the app in my iPhone, it repeatedly fails, and I receive a message saying “Something Went Wrong.” I can manually delete events, but when there are many events this is a show, painful process. What’s up?

Many others having same issue see:

Same for me. iPhone 11, Reinstalled Ring app and it still does exactly what you are describing.
Also when manually deleting unwanted video captures, if my finger missies the circle and I tap the video I’m attempting to delete I get an error message “video is not available” or something very similar as that. Why isn’t it available after and hour or more of the captured video?

Hi neighbors! We’ve actually addressed this concern in a similar thread you can find here. Thanks for calling this out, and feel free to keep an eye on the thread I linked for any updates on this concern whenever we have any available. :slight_smile:

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