Deleating/Editing Neighborhoods

My main problem is that I get notifications from two neighborhoods that I no longer live in. My address is updated (along with my ring doorbell address) on the Ring application, and I still see the same notifications from two neighborhoods where I used to live. Ive looked through the neighborhood settings and the only thing I can change is the name of the neighborhood, not the location. Ive already looked up, and found answers for this and none of them worked. One said to change my address through ring, my address is right, but I am unable to edit my address if I wanted to. Perhaps this is because I am not the owner of the Ring doorbell my account is associated with? And deleting neighborhoods doesn’t work for me either. Its rather easy to choose a neighborhood when your creating an account, but its kind-of dumb that I would have to resort to just deleting and making a new account for something like this. Moving to new places is a normal thing that ring should consider when implementing features for the Ring application.

Ive discovered how to deleat the extra neighborhood and add a new one. When tapping the top left three lines and then looking at the top left, there should be the Neighborhood name and address, if it says (Shared) next to it it WILL be impossible to change that address unless your the owner. Tap the upside down triangle and you should see extra neighborhoods and an “add location” button, which you can delete the extra (free) neighborhood that you had before and add a new one.

But I still have the other address, which is the ring address, the ring address is normal, where it should be. But it still says the neighborhood is where we used to live.