delays in activity notices

Has anyone else having long delays in notices for activities ?

I mean, you walk out the front door past the Doorbell Cam, down the driveway past a Spotlight cam, go get the mail and talk to the neighbor a minute or two, come back up the driveway, in the front door, go to the back porch and let the pet in…

  • Doorbell, Driveway, then Driveway, Doorbell, Stickup Cam

Go wash hands, sit down at the desk, and 5 to 15 minutes later, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, I get the 5 notices back to back about motion detected.

Have walked out the front door, got in the car, drove to a nearby store, and 5-15 minutes later I get a notice of activity on the Doorbell camera and the Driveway Spotlight camera.

Have had deliveries, and get a notice of driveway then doorbell, 5-15 minutes after they came and dropped off the package on the porch.

So this means… a Porch-Pirate or Car Break-in could happen and I would see a notice and the video, several minutes after they are long gone.

Delays are worse on the Windows PC app than than the Android phone app, but are on both platforms.
Have worked with Ring Support several times over 6 months, changed WiFi routers, changed two camera units, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried various resets, no effect.
And Ring Support seems to stop trying and close the ticket - not escalate to get fixed.

Anyone else having notication delays, more than a minute or two ?
Maybe time to change camera systems after six months of failing and no fixes ?