Delayed Ring Order

I ordered my Ring Alarm 2nd Generation, Retro Kit, Sensors, and sign on January 20th. I received everything in the order except for the actual alarm system itself. I called support on January 27th and they told me that it was going to be sent out in a couple of days. Every day since then I have received an email staying that “We are still working on your order”. Why send out a system that cannot be used because the main part is missing? Does anyone know if these are just backordered due to “supply chain” issues? Why can I go to Amazon and purchase one and get it but Ring cant send it to me? Im trying to cancel my existing system and have had to extend the service for a month already due to my order not being received which has cost me $60.00. Reason I cancelled their service is due to the cost and also because they say I have to pay to replace the system due to 3G mobile service being turned off.

Hi @dwilliamhouston. I’m sorry to hear you’re having delays in receiving your order. Since the Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum meant for general troubleshooting support, we aren’t able to help with account-specific concerns such as the status of your order. Our support team would be best equipped to check on this for you, and you can give them a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Thanks Caitlyn. Appreciate your response. For positive sake, I am really happy with everything I have so far and even ordered some more cameras and installed them this weekend. Really like the gutter install units for the solar panel/camera. Keep up the great work.

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@dwilliamhouston I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the devices you have so far! I definitely understand it can be frustrating when things don’t arrive on time or when expected, and hopefully our support team can get you squared away if needed.

I ordered Ring floodlight came plug in, and 3 pack stick up cam battery with solar, on Aug 19, 2022. I received the floodlight cam and the solar panels 4 days later, but did not get the 3 pk of the stick up camera. It said there was 3 week delay due to not being in stock. I kept waiting, checked again with their customer service post 3 weeks, kept saying there is delay. I decided to call again, and now the story changed to from being delayed to package lost by carrier. They re-ordered on Sept 17 and sent me a new tracking number. In the first 12 hours, it showed movement on tracking, and since Sept 18, 7pm last update was package delayed. There are NO updates since Sept 18 and today is Sept 24. I’ve called multiple times to Ring customer support. Each time, they put me on hold, and say we checked all we can tell you is wait for update. 2 Representatives had the courage to tell me that since Amazon logistics does the shipping and we are owned by Ring, call them. I even called amazon, they have no clue with the order number i give, they have no way of tracking it. It is now 35 days since I placed my order and still dont have 75% of my order. I decided up google this issue, and realized this is “normal business for ring to have so many customers unhappy, due to not delivering their orders on time”. The response from customer service is absolutely disgusting and unhelpful. It is clear that ring does not really care at this point with this kind of customer service they offer. It is time we report them to BBB.