Delayed notifications - Samsung

Hi guys

Recently past month my Samsung Note20 has been really delayed on motion/ring notifications. Just today it was 2 minutes delayed before my phone pinged motion at front door. The recording shows 1522, but was 1524 when notification came through.

I have battery optimisation disabled for the app etc. This doesn’t happen on my partners huwaei phone, just my Samsung

Any ideas? I’ve tried the usual uninstall and reinstall but still the same. Thanks

When I have a “do-not-disturb” type mode set on my Android phone the notifications I receive can be delayed many minutes even when I “tell” the phone the Ring notifications should be an exception.
Do you have something similar set on your phone?

Nope, never used (and just checked to make sure not enabled itself by accident)

About a week ago, I also started noticing delayed motion notifications after setting up my “do not disturb” feature for the first time on my Samsung S10 (Android 11). Roughly around the same time, I recall receiving a Samsung OTA software update. Just moments ago, while exploring my Settings, I noticed that another Samsung software patch update was available, which I promptly downloaded. While messing with my phone, I also noticed that I forgot to toggle off USB Debugging the last time I transferred files – so I toggled it off.

I’m not sure whether any of these things matter WRT my delayed notifications, but I hope to find out soon.

Still suffering with this. Notifications can be instant, and some can be up to 2 minutes delayed. No pattern to what is happening and can’t figure out why. Rssi is healthy on 5ghz bands with 58 and 55 respectively for doorbell and floodlight cam