Delayed notification from Ring Doorbell

I too am totally fed up with it. The stupid door bell will not chime even with full charge. Good Wifi connex. It only chime at me. It is like having a gaurd dog who hides at intruders but barkers at the owner! I come in get the shopping, all the bags and place everything in the store cupboards and then it rings! Just the worst ever product I have bought in my life. This is from a person who has purchased so much even a white elephant would be better! The batteries need changing every 3 days even with a solar charger. I will never buy ring ever!

Hi @MrNosey. Delayed notifications are usually signal-related. Check the RSSI on the Device Health page, which is a measurement of the signal strength that your Doorbell is receiving. It’s also important for your phone to have a good internet connection, otherwise notifications could be delayed.