Delayed Motion Recording

Hi ,

I bought Ring Floodlight Cam and noticed that it begins recording after an action has begun. The Floodlight Cam captured the individual committing a crime in the act but failed to record the individual actually (entering the selected zone) moving up to property, opening the vehicle or possible capturing a good image of the individuals face. The delay is so bad the recording begins in the middle of the act. The Flood light is garage mounted 9’ from the ground and the sensor is parallel to the ground IAW the “Setup” procedures. How do I adjust the Floodlight Cam position or settings to actually record an event without delay once selected zones are entered?

I have attached two videos (1) 6830294303398481137 showing someone entering a zone with delayed recording action. (2) 6832101475312782577 is video of a vehicle going the same direction (of the above event) but is picked up in the zone unlike the previous video!

Hey @craftydawg. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you, and I’m glad you’ve reached out to the Community for help. I’m happy to assist! Could you share with us a screenshot of what your Motion Zones are setup as? In addition, let me know what sensitivity your Motion Settings are set to, as well as if you have People Only mode on! I would love to look into this further with you.