Delayed chime


I have an issue with my Ring Keypads where they have a (sometimes significant) delayed chime when opening a door. Sometimes it is instant and sometimes there is a 10 second or more delay. The other day I opened the door and left the house and set off the alarm because I didn’t realize the alarm was in Home mode and when I opened the door, I didn’t hear the entry delay countdown start because it didn’t even begin until I had closed and locked the door.

Is there any way to repair the Z wave network or fix this lag? My front door keypad is less than 20 feet away from my base station so this can’t be the issue, and I have at least 20 Zwave devices in my house so the only thing I can think is that the sensor is messed up in the mesh. This happens on all my doors and all my keypads.


Hi @GringoRican. If you are noticing a significant lag, there may some Z-Wave interference. Are there any devices close to your Base Station or Sensors that use Z-Wave or radio frequency communication? Try putting your Base Station in a different location, or moving other items close to the Base Station, further away. Also, be sure to check that your Entry/Exit Delays are configured correctly. I hope this helps!