Delayed alerts

I upgraded my Amazon Cloud Cam to a Ring 2 Video doorbell. I used to get notified when a car pulled into my driveway. Now my notifications arrive when a visitor has arrived at my front door. My wifi is 30mbps up/6mbps down. RSSI is green -60. All settings have been disabled to allow for quicker notifications. What can I do? I like to get my dog in the other room before he sees someone at the door or he goes berserk. This is a real problem for me, yet my settings seem to be all within acceptable range. Vehicles fall within the motion alert area (see photo).

Hi @Savenelroy. Thanks for sharing that screenshot. The Doorbell is designed to alert you to visitors at your front door, rather than to detect cars that are farther out. If the notifications are coming through when someone is at the door, that would be the intended behavior. If the notifications were coming through after someone has already left the front door, that would be an example of a delayed notification that would require troubleshooting. I hope that helps clear things up a bit! :slight_smile: