Delay to app and chime


Have an issue with my Doorbell.

Each time someone comes to my door and presses the button, by the time it registers on my app and/or chime the person is gone.

This also means that it misses capturing the person on camera.

The main reasons I want to use it for are not working!

Please advise what to do? I have had it for about 6 months.

I have this problem too, but it isn’t consistent.

Hey neighbors! If the Doorbell is having a hard time picking up a person early enough, you may need to visit your Motion Wizard settings, or re-angle the way the Doorbell is looking. If the video seems fine, but you have a slow time loading the Live View, please check out your app’s connection, as sometimes being on wifi > mobile data and vice versa can cause a bit of a lag. Lastly, you can always look at decreasing yourRSSI value, which you can find under Device Health. This will help reduce the time it takes the Doorbell to send notification to your router, then from the router to your phone, and then for your phone to open up the Live View.