Delay time from door bell to the chime and the app

**theres been problem after problem with the ring 2 door bell, its taking 10 seconds for the chimer and app to ring,by the time i get the notification the person has gone, ive got a fast bb conection so theres no rerason for it to play up like this. its a probuct i wish i hadnt purchased . **


Hi @martin2019 ! Thanks for checking out and using the Ring Community. We’re going to move this post to the Doorbell board for a better fit. Have you tried contacting our support regarding the concern you have with your device and chime? Thanks!

I can concurr with this, I am glad I bought the Chime Pro, which does chime almost instantly , my phone also alerts me but several seconds later when I am at home, and much longer if I am away from home. It isnt limited to doorbell pushes either as motion alerts are delayed many seconds as well, so I do believe it is the latency of the Ring infrastructure in the UK.


Thanks for sharing @spot . If you are experiencing notification delays on your mobile device, we recommend uninstalling/ reinstalling the app, as well as connecting to wifi only when at home to see if notification times improve. Best practice is to also ensure not too many apps are open at once, and VPN or hotspot connections are disabled. I hope this helps!


Not much help really, thats all standard stuff we have tried.

I would just like it to work EXACTLY as it does on your TV adverts… I know they are fakes but I can see my Cocoon video instantly if there is any disturbances at home, why not Ring Video? oh yes, CocoonLabs spend money on R&D and not TV adverts. Sorry for my sarcasm but its laughable really.


@ spot im with you on the comment,ive tried whats been told and makes no difference .

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Hi @spot , I would check to ensure that your Doorbell/Cam is connected to your Chime Pro and that it is located in a clear line of sight to your device and router. If you haven’t already, give our support team a call to perform more in depth troubleshooting.

Having the exact same problem, tried to online chat and the person said I need to be home in order to try a fix…

I guess the point for having such a device is that you can “be home” while away…

At the end, very disappointed to have the issue (I want it working like in the commercials!), and even more so on the poor customer service. Ours aren’t the first complaint about it, so one would think they would have a solution already.

When I get the notification on my phone, the person is already gone. That would not avoid package theft or even an intrusion.

Thinking about returning the entire thing.


I know its so frustrating, we buy expensive phones, expensive WiFi systems, expensive broadband, I mean, what is wrong with Virginmedia 350Mbps, TP-Link Deco mesh wifi, Samsung S9plus, and its the Ring Doorbells letting it all down.

Unfortunately its the same here, always at work, bought the Ring so I could be there if anyone called… I have video from motion detections (they did fix the multiple alerts :-)) where all I see is people walking off, as it takes so long to connect. Its always been a poor system unfortunately and seeing as these issues have been ongoing for months, I doubt if they can make it any faster. My doorbell, chimepro and router are all within 10 feet, admittedly with a brick wall in between yet my Tesla when parked is much further away and has a very good WiFi signal. ah well, heres hoping for miracles.


I’m not entirely convinced it’s all down to poor performance from Ring. My phone “rings” almost instantly, especially when I’m connected to the same wifi, and yet my wife’s phone, connected to the same wifi, has large delays.

As for when I’m out and about, with a good 4G/3G signal it works well but less so depending where I am. You have to take signal coverage into consideration.

That said, marketing must take some flak as they make it sound like it’s always going to be instantaneous, which is unlikely given the number of variables.

Just my 2p/2c :wink:



I have the same issue…Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Chime, installed ten feet from my Comcast router; RSSI measured on iPhone positioned next to the outdoor Ring doorbell shows ping at 50, well within acceptable limits (49 when measured indoors next to the router). Sometimes we walk past the Ring Doorbell enter the house, walk 50 feet into our family room, and get no movement alerts until we’ve been in the family room for a minute or more. Also, when someone rings the bell, it takes so long to (a) get alerted on the iPhone, (b) find how to get the Ring App into intercom mode, that the visitor is long gone. There is no way this device will provide the instant door answering and motion alerting that they promise in their deceptive ads. I tried a lengthy tech support sesssion but it didn’t resolve the delays. Wish I had not bought this product. It must be frustrating for Ring’s techs, too…


Same problems here. Hi-speed WiFi. Router within 10 ft of the device. People are walking away before we see them. Got online to see what the problem is, and now we know it’s the product itself.

Going to try and return it.


We purchased the Ring Doorbell Pro at Thanksgiving. During the Christmas holidays we noticed some delays vs the old Ring. We reconfigured, we deleted, and we think it’s the “people enabled” update, which our phone app will not let us remove. We have a 10-second delay even in live mode. Everything is in one straight line and the Ring Doorbell Pro is only 6" away from wifi extender and 15 feet from the Chime. HELP!!


I have the same problem. I catch them leaving, but not walking up to my door. Is this because there is a timed delay in the activation?


I agree. Ring door bells are useless if you want to see who is at your door immediately. Even on the newest iPhones the delay between the ring alert and eventually getting a live stream is far far too long. Thsi is the case even when I’m on the same WiFi network with strong signals at all devices. I’m a network engineer so believe me, my signal is strong and my Internet connection is 80MB/s. Everyone who has one has teh same complaint. Really Ring need to sell an always on (or immediate on on alert) wall or table screen. No one in the family bothers looking at the App anymore due to the delay, we just open the door. So sort of defeats the purpose. I’ve now installed CCTV with an always on internal screen so as to overcome this delay issue. So as a doorbell you Ring gets a 1 our of 10. As a recording/history device it is OK so 6/10.


jj05555 ive done the same as you now, update after update makes no difference pointless piece of junk.


Same with mine. I see people’s backs as they give up and leave my front door. The delay makes the device useless.


I’m having the same problem ??


I have the delay problem from day one. No matter I’m at home or away, whenever I open the app, the people at the door is gone. All I can see is his back. Piece of junk.


like those who have already commented, i’ve had the same issue since installing my Ring doorbell 2 + chime…have tried EVERYTHING suggested by Ring and what i’ve found researching the web. have 400+ download and 23.5+ upload speeds. extremely frustrated that people are only walking away or gone by the time the video is captured…what’s the point?!? Ring, please read the comments and remedy the issue. i would think you would want to build a loyal customer base by addressing issues timely. thank you