Delay in notifications

So i have had this ring door bell 2 for well over a year and to say the motion detection and was amazing we knew who was walking up the path before fir the first 6 months of having it installed then, … a person would be able to come up the the path open the door take the tv and leave before i get notifyed. So i gave the door bell its own network, and today i gine to.thw massuve expense of changing the router MU MiMO and giving the doorbell its own network access and proint and allocating proritization over all other connected devices if 78mb down and 34mb up isnt enough and doorbell been less than 2 meters away from the wall i dont know what will make this work correcrly, even set up.for motion constant on and customised motion zone now can anyone on here advise if anything else because i am at my wits end of this piece of garbage