Delay in motion notifications, multiple cameras

For several months I have been experiencing motion notification delays on all my cameras. Sometimes it takes almost two minutes before I get notified of a motion event any time of day.
I have (2) Spotlight battery cameras, (2) Ring floodlight cameras and one Spotlight wired camera.
All my cameras report healthy with good RSSI values. I also have additional Xfinity wireless pods in multiple locations throughout the house to ensure a consistent WiFi network coverage to include well beyond where the cameras are located.
I use Comcast for my ISP and average 500mb down with 20 - 25 mb upload speeds. Have reset and rebooted everything but can not resolve the delay issue. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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Hi @Socrates232. Does this also happen when you are not connected to wifi? Also, what type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app? If you have an Android, check this list here to see if you have any apps that are conflicting with the Ring app. I would also ensure that you have your Location turned on and permissions enabled. Let me know if this helps.