Delay in camera

I have the outdoor video cam. it has a delay. by the time my chimes go, the person or animal is gone. is this common? Does anyone else have this problem? is there a fix?

Hey @Nalanij. What is the RSSI for your Chime or Chime Pro? Additionally, what is the RSSI for your camera? You can see these numbers under the Device Health page for each device. The devices when they pick up motion have to connect to your internet to record/alert on your phone and chimes, so if the RSSI value is high, you will have a bit of a delay as the devices communicate with your internet and each other. You can learn more about RSSI and what it means in our Community post here!

The RSSI is 39. Any other suggestions?

@Nalanij Looks like your RSSI is fine! As mentioned, there is a natural delay that will happen, and can be around 30 seconds. Since the camera will pick up an event, then it sends it to your router to send to your phone and then the chime(s) in the home. It’s like sending a message, which once you have sent the message, it takes a few moments to send and then be received. How long is this delay that you are having?

I am having the same issue!