Delay for Home Mode

I am new to Ring, coming from Digital Life and ADT. In both the old systems I had, for arming the alarm for Home Mode, they had a variable delay. I have x-large dogs, and want to set the alarm, but use the Home Settings so the interior motion sensors are not set due to the dogs and not being able to filter them out with settings. How do you set a delay for the Home Mode to get out the door, or back inside through the main entry door? I don’t want to dumb down the Away Mode as we use that when we take the dogs with us.

Hi @e6e513a555f1137c93cfac1096368b. You can find more information on setting and editing Entry and Exit Delays for your Ring Alarm in our Help Center Article here. You can change it for both the Home and Away Mode to fit your preferences. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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