Delay for actual motion yet so many false alerts

Bought the Video doorbell 2 ( the $ 200 one ), worked horrible despite my router being only 25-30 feet away. Bought the chime pro- now get RSSI of -44 on average.

Lately getting ton of false alerts both at night and day- no wind, cars, nothing !

When there is motion in the set zones, it takes too long to detect and the image typically starts of cloudy or distorted. Example- delivery man last night- sidewalk leading straight up to front door is about 15 feet and then porch another 10 feet- did not pick him up until he was actually bending down at front door to drop package. No he was not that fast, in fact, he was taking him time so much that he didnt exit the camera view until around 22 seconds into video ! Had he jogged or even walked fast he could have easily gotten to front door without any detection at all so what is point of this camera ? 200 for doorbell was too much, then another 50 just so it would work half way- criminal !

Pic 1 below - camera shows Zero seconds into video. Pic two was 22 seconds in.

RING should include a yard sign with its products asking criminals to please walk very slowly so the ineffective cameras can attempt to capture their movement and image.

22 seconds.jpg

00 seconds.jpg


Sorry to hear that you have not had the best experience with your Video Doorbell. Fortunately, many motion concerns can be resolved through minor adjustments. Adding the Chime Pro was an excellent idea as it looks like the mounting location is surrounded entirely by brick. The Chime Pro will help for a quicker communication and connection of motion events/ videos.

To ensure motion is being captured as quickly as possible, I recommend going through your motion settings in the app and readjusting/ optimizing all zones and sensitivity. In addition to motion settings, when in the Ring app, please access device settings/ motion settings and alter the motion frequency to the most frequent option. Having this set to anything other than frequent means your Video Doorbell is being instructed to preserve battery rather than detect back to back motions.

To help with the false alerts, take a look at our Community article explaining how motion is detected with these devices. Please let us know how this goes, we will be happy to help further where we can. Also check out our Community Guidelines to ensure we are making the Community the best it can be :slight_smile:

I just got my ring doorbell 2 few weeks ago from Costco and is considering to return it as I have tried to tweak w all the settings, but it just NOT reacting fast enough (trigger the initial start capture point) to capture longer enough footage before someone was entering the house. This is the weakest point of this product I think, and we have strong wifi signal at the doorbelll location

Hey @midibear ! If the above steps did not help you to improve your motion accuracy, I recommend reaching out to our support team. They’ll be happy to troubleshoot in depth with you at 800-656-1918.