Defective Product

I had to purchase a new Ring FloodLight camera on May 1, 2022, because the glass lens had fallen off on my previous FloodLight without my knowledge. The camera was exposed to all of the weather elements throughout time, and the images were no longer visible. This new Ring replacement product experienced the same defect, where the glass protection piece fell off, and the camera lens is now exposed. I called customer service and was originally advised, it was not covered under warranty, then she proceeded to tell me that it was, and then said it wasn’t.

First, there is a lot of flip flopping, to benefit Ring, and not the consumer. Your products are too expensive to be falling apart. I’m asking that the item gets replaced free of charge. Customer service is quick to give out discount codes for new products, but this does not solve for half-par products that are not built to last a few years. I would rather get this item replaced or have my money refunded. Customer service is no service at all, and will not assist in the slightest way to make the situation right. Is anyone else experiencing this?? There are far more options today, and I’m ready to make the jump from Ring.

Hi @user74143. We have information on the warranty for Ring devices here. It is one year by default. This can be extended with the Ring Protect Plus plan, but the subscription must be activated before the original warranty expires, and be kept in place.

For physical damage concerns, we do recommend following up with our support team, as we do not have access to account or device information here on the Ring Community. We can only assist with general troubleshooting.