Defective NEW Gen 2 Doorbell

Just recieved and installed a new Gen 2 Video Doorbell. No problems with the install or conmfiguraion. However the existing indoor chime no longer rings. This is a simple mechanical chime with a selonid and chime plates that the solenoid plunger strikes. Contactced the support line (call center outside of the US) and recieved a follow up e-mail with questions and a request for photos. I answered all questions EXCEPT detail on the bell power supply transformer as I was unwilling to climb about in the attic looking for it. NOTE: The house is 10 years old. I ultimatelly provided photos of the installation wiring, and both the chime and chime cover, all six sides of botht he chime and chime cover. The agent was adamant that they required the chime model adn manufacturer to troubleshoot. However there is NO information on the chime of cover. Voltage at the doorbell is 19.76 measured with a Fluke 77. Resistance across the terminals is 178k ohms. The resistacne remains at 178k ohms when the button is pushed. The ring agent advised they woudl send out a Ring Chime at no charge. My position is that the devise is defective and installation of the Ring Chime does not repair the defective device. adn that I want the currently installed chime to work and for the Rinig device to be free of defects.

No luck with the help line, the staff is limited to the script they are given and are unable to deviate from it or address a defective device. The Help number for the store in La Brea if off line due to the Covid virus, thsu no help available from the store where it was purchased. On line chat states that it is unable to address this issue. Thus a Catch 22 situation, I have a defective device and Rings solution is to install their remote chime, noi to supply a fully functional unit.

I will uninstall the device and am quite frustrated with the Ring inability to even speak with someone who has the ability to resolve this. I will share my expereince with my associates at work and friends.