Defective door sensor,Need to replace but will I have to get subscription now?

Hello I have had a ring system for a few years now. I do not pay for monitoring. I think a couple of door/window sensors are at their end. I have tried new batteries, resetting them and re installing them and they respond the same way. They pre maturely set off the alarm in the away mode? Anyway, My question is this? I do NOT pay for a subscription and If I purchase new sensors from Amazon and re install them onto my system “will” I have to buy a subscription now??? Or am I good to go installing the new sensors! I am a senior and me and my wife are using our ring alarm “strictly” for a home alarm if anyone tries to break in in the middle of the night. We have No cameras just sensors on windows and doors. Just enough to wake us up (I Hope)! Thank you in advance if someone can help us and answer this question would be greatly appreciated Have a great day

Hi @Muffin456. Sensors can be added/subtracted from any system without having to renew your subscription. If you sensors are getting set off randomly, the Sensor may be too far away from the magnet, causing a false alarm. Feel free to share a picture of how your Sensor is mounted so we can assess it.

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Thank you for your response and help. No the sensor is set perfectly aligned Has been like this for a couple years now. We have -35 weather here in Alberta Canada and I think the electronics dont do well near cold windows Also moisture maybe a factor from frost and ice build up on the window? Thanks once again for you help much appreciated

Hi @Muffin456. That is very cold weather, and extremely cold weather can negatively impact the performance of battery powered devices. The operating temperature range for the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor is 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C). If you have them installed on a window or door that’s very cold due to the external temperature, this could be affecting the performance.

The best way to test this would be to take an affected Sensor off the window or door and see if it properly registers open or closed status. If this issue persists even after trying that, I’d definitely recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance. Make sure to request to speak with our Ring Alarm team specifically.