Decreased Motion Detection Range

A while back I was playing with the motion detection settings on our stick up cam we put above our garage. I set it to max sensitivity and put the detection zone out as far as it could go, which was about half way into the road in front of our house. My husband did not like all the alerts, so I changed it back, however he recently decided he does want the extra alerts so I went to change it back… only to find that I can’t set motion detection even to the end of our vehicles.

I have looked at other topics started about how you can not set motion zones for the entire viewable area of the camera and have seen community managers stating that this is a limitation of the motion detector, which I did notice previously I could not set for the entire area which is fine. But I am no longer able to set for detection to a range that was previously detectable. The camera is basically useless now as it will only detect basically directly in front of itself and in between our vehicles.

In this link there are two pictures. The one with the red line shows about where I used to be able to set the detection zone distance, and the other shows it’s current maximum capability.

Hi @lyssamarie316. This behavior is intended because the field of view that the camera sees is greater than the field of view that the motion detection is capable of. I know it appeared differently before, but what you see when you go to edit your Motion Zones is the area that the motion detection covers. You can read more information on this in our Community post here.