Deciphering Wired Rings Specs

I am in Germany and am looking to purchase a Ring doorbell and trying to confirm if the existing doorbell transformer can support the Video Doorbell Wired model. The original Siedle Transformer puts out a stated 12V DC 2 Amps. The Ring DIN Transformer which you can buy in Europe puts out 24 V DC, 0,42 A. The Video Doorbell Wired is supposed to be compatible with anything providing 8–24 V AC, 10–40 VA, 50/60 Hz. What is throwing me is the fact that the Ring provided transformer states an output of 24V DC while the Video Doorbell Wired states it needs 8-24V AC yet its supposed to work with the Ring provided DIN Transformer which has 24V DC. What am I missing here?

Hi @vadar007. If you are hardwiring this to an existing transformer (mains power), it will need to meet the 8–24 V AC, 10–40 VA, 50/60 Hz requirements. If you are using the Ring DIN Transformer or the Plug-In Adapter Gen 2, it will convert the power from AC to the proper amount of DC voltage. These are the only instances where DC power is suitable for the Doorbell Wired. I hope this information is helpful.