Dead Time Between Motion Trips - Recording

When motion trips the doorbell camera it records for only 30 seconds so it catches someone pulling up in the driveway next to our porch. But it then times out and does not retrip the camera when they come up on the porch to come to the door. What is the dead time after one video before motion will trip the doorbell camera a secong time? Can this be adjusted (shortened)? Or, can the 30 second video be lengthened. It’s pretty useless if we can’t see who comes to the door.

Hey @jbublitzsr, while the recording time cannot be lengthened, you can adjust your Motion Frequency to frequent, so that way if there is motion at your device still, it will record another event, instead of timing out and sleeping for a little bit, as your device possibly set to standard (as default). You can learn more about this in our RIng Help Center Article here.

Yes. That works. Thank you!

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