Dead Batteries

Purchased two battery powered Stick Up Cameras from Lowes, both batteries were dead out of the box so I charged them overnight. Went through the setup process with one camera the next day which completely drained the battery. Swapped out that battery with the fully charged one form the second camera and and I still got the dead battery message on the app. Plugged both batteries in the chargers and got the green and orange lights indicating they’re dead. How does a fully charged battery die in less then five minutes in the camera? Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a known issue with these cameras?

Hey @lltudor. If you can, please reach out to our support team here via phone for this concern. They can ensure that all advanced troubleshooting is done to see what may be causing this concern on both of the devices and batteries for you. Let me know what they were able to sort out for you!