Dead batteries

I have 2 ring 2 doorbell devices and a camera device. The camera battery on the same network is fine but the two bell devices need to be charged more than once a week. I charged on saturday afternoon to 100 percent and by today monday morning they are around 65 percent. Gone through the videos and articles and dont see a fix. This is a new problem. System installed in November and all worked fine until about two weeks ago. As far as I know nothing has changed. After I charged them on sunday I tuned off all operations on the device and the battery is still running down. Thanks in advance.

Hey @Donn. If you are experiencing a signal discharge on more than one device you own, it would be best to reach out to our support team here. There are different variables such as weather, usage, and the power source the Doorbell is supplied that could be affecting the battery life, and is best analyzed with your specific devices by our phone support team here.

I was in Hospital over the winter and couldn’t get anyone to charge up my Ring Doorbell. Now I am back home the battery is dead and won’t accept a charge. I only bought it last september. My John Lewis guarantee doesn’t cover batteries.

-Is there a fix for a dead battery?

-If I hard wire the bell will it still need a working battery?


Hi @Joe1949. I’m sorry to hear that this was your experience with the device, as this is not the experience we want our neighbors to have! The Doorbell does need a battery that has charge in it in order to function, but hardwiring the Doorbell will help. When you hardwire the Doorbell, it can receive a trickle charge that helps keep the battery charged over time, as long as there is no excessive motion, dings and Live Views that are draining down the battery. Although, neighbors that hardwire their devices tend to see an overall improvement in the battery life and more time in between charges!

For the dead battery, if you have plugged it up with the given micro USB cable and it will not show any signs of life (amber and green means charging, solid green is fully charged), then you will need to get a new quick release battery. For the chance you see the amber and green lights, it should only be like this for about 8 hours, and then turn to solid green to be fully charged! If you don’t see it revert back to just green, ordering the spare battery may be a good idea to ensure it is a battery concern and not a device concern!