DB3 - Combine adjustable angle kit with wedge kit

I recently purchased the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. Our house is elevated off the street and the front door & living area are above the garage and storage area (like a basement, but at ground level). The stairs leading up to the front door are perpendicular to the door and the front porch has no walls. So, the only place to install the DB3 is against the house next to the door. I have been looking at the adjustable mounting kits, but haven’t found one for the Video Doorbell 3. Only for the Video Doorbell 1 & 2.

  1. Can an adjustable angle kit be combined with a wedge kit so I can have a downward view of the stairs and get a better view of people coming up the stairs?
  2. Can the Video Doorbell 3 be mounted on a kit for the Video Doorbell 2?

Thank you!

Hi @DocFreud. We offer Corner and Wedge kits that are specifically made for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. These kits can be stacked and mix-matched to best suit your specific mounting surface. This link here has different mounting options for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus. You cannot use kits for a different version of the Ring Video Doorbell, as they will not match up. I hope this helps!