Daytime image is too dark to see faces

When I see the constant ads on TV for the Ring Video Doorbells they show very clear images of people at the doors of homes, but I have not been able to get the same video on 2 cameras that I have installed. I returned my first Doorbell 2 because I could not adjust the camera to be able to make out peoples faces, they were too dark in daylight. Tried CS but they were useless. Decided to try another one hoping that the first was just a bad unit. Well the second one is exactly the same. I can see people coming to the door but their faces are so dark that I can’t tell who they are. Tried calling CS again and was told that they can see my images and that my camera is working OK. I asked them to email me a photo of what they are seeing but they said they are not able. I cannot understand why daytime video is so dark??

Sorry to hear about this @rcglfr! Our devices all feature a multitude of options and settings to help with tailoring your device to the environment. As each environment varies from the next, sometimes it can take more than settings to optimize your experience. We’re here to help with this! :slight_smile:

In addition to settings and wifi signal being sufficient for top video quality, I recommend also considering angling your device differently with a Wedge Kit, or even mounting it elsewhere if possible. As you’ve attempted with multiple Doorbell models, perhaps one of our Camera models will cover the area and adjust better. To determine the best solution for you, feel free to add a video example.