Date and timestamp in Android app notification


I just got the Ring Alarm gen 2. Everything is fine but the date and timestamps in the notifications is confusing me.

In the event history in the app, the date and timestamp is in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM, but not in the notifications. See screenshot.

Why is this? Am I able to change it to the correct format for Sweden?

There is not a way to change the appearance of date/ time in the Ring app other than details that might change based on location or device. I recommend also looking into mobile device settings.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:


My phone is set to Swedish and I’ve never seen this date time format in any other app och notification before, so my conclusion is that Rings weird format doesn’t rely at all on my device’s settings.

Thanks, I will post my request there :slight_smile: Have a nice day!