Data download

I have recently downloaded the data history on my ring account. I have looked through the ‘event history’ on the specific date that I need. There is a long list of ‘events’ I have asked Ring if there is an index to explain what all the account events are. Unfortunately I haven’t had any success yet. Can anyone help at all? These are the ‘events’ listed that I am not sure what they mean:

  • AppStartingTimeEvent
  • Partners-Fetch Partners Request
  • ExtendedAppStartingTimeEvent
  • LiveCallStatsMain
  • History- Fake Event on Timeline
  • HQ Event On Timeline
  • Timeline Loading State - LQ Loading
  • Timeline Loading State - LQ Frames Extracting
  • Timeline Loading State - UI Loading
  • HQ Event Starting Time
  • Timeline Loading State - Thumbnail Decoding
  • Timeline loading State - Footage Container Loading
  • Device Schedule New Badge Shown
  • Partners - screen open
  • Tapped Tile

Any help would be really appreciated.

Hey, neighbor! These are app logs, and are normal to see when downloading this data. While they look detailed, they are actually just pointing out specific checkpoints or Ring app changes, such as load screens, quality changes, or actions. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: