Why is it taking so long for my dashboard to load recently?

Hi @541. Try uninstalling the Ring App, rebooting your phone, then reinstalling the Ring App. This will prompt your to sign back into the Ring App. This ensures your app is up to date and integrated with your phone. I hope this helps!

The dashboard issue has been an issue for a while now. It seemed briefly resoved for a while, but for the last month or so, it’s been an issue. (At least I think it’s been a month or more, my sense of time is a blurr). I just spins and spins and spins… There doesn’t seem to be a pattern like before, as it’s an issue all the time. The only way to get the dashboard to come back up is to close the app an re-open. It may not seem like a big deal until there is a triggering event for which you want to see things ASAP in case it’s related to criminal activity. The extra time invovled seems like an eternity when you are trying to view your is history to see if there is a break-in…

Editing to add that I’ve done all the standard. Cleared my cache; uninstalled/re-installed the app; implemeted all updates. It seems to have gotten worse with the new tiles added to the dashboard. While it was a good idea, the implementation is flawed…

Also, related is that the “count” of new posts on the Neighbors tile makes no sense at all. I and others posted about a while back. I’ll find it and add to that post that it rises to the top.

Yes, this started after the tiles customization was added. I didn’t have much of a reason to open the app frequently until I installed the security system yesterday. This definitely needs to be fixed. I’m using the Android app.