Dashboard Shows Incorrect Number Of Monitored Devices

I have 13 door/window contacts, 2 smoke/CO detectors, 2 glass breaks, 2 keypads, and and 1 extender. However, when my system is armed, the dashboard shows ‘Monitored Sensors’ as 16. I’ve checked all of the devices & they are operating properly and they all show up in the devices list. When I look at the ‘Mode Settings’ for all 13 door/window sensors and the 2 glass breaks they all show ‘Armed and Monitored’ in both the ‘away’ and ‘home’ modes.

What is considered a ‘sensor’? If only the door/window contacts are considered ‘sensors’ the dashboard is reporting 3 too many ‘Monitored Sensors’. If the glass breaks and smoke detectors are also considered ‘sensors’, the dashboard is reporting 1 too few ‘Monitored Sensors’. Either way, the dashboard is reporting the incorrect number.

What am I missing?

Call off the hounds…I figured it out (kind of). I never installed the motion sensor on my system, but when checking the ‘Modes’ in the app, it was listed as ‘Monitored’ in the ‘Away Mode Settings’ section. I toggled that to ‘Off’ and the count is now correct. Apparently, the smoke detectors are not included in the dashboard ‘Monitored Sensors’ count.

Hi @Littletommy. Glad to hear that you got this all sorted out!