Dashboard Not Refreshing Cam Image

Tried uninstalling the reinstalling the app on my phone. Did not work. Talked to Ring at length about this today on the phone and said they had NO reports of any issues. Odd, considering I thought Marley had opened up a ticket on our behalf and added it to their database for referral.

Pretty sure 5.38.0 was causing the issue as well but cannot prove it as my phone auto-updates apps.
The gal on tech support did say she was escalating the issue after we deleted, reinstalled, checked settings, rebooted everything, and had me send in a few screenshots of the issue.

Really hope they get this fixed soon as it is super annoying to not get updated camera views every 30 seconds on the dashboard as it has been doing before in the past.

Another post with same issue here - Multiple camera refresh problem on new iOS app version

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I am having these exact issues and it is annoying…I hope they resolve this quickly

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Add me to the list with same problem. Hardwired spotlight cam does not show preview. Hardwired door bell does. Have iOS and app version 5.38.1.

I checked the toggle for “tap camera for live preview” as stated by Marley and found it was off for my doorbell, but on for spotlight cam. Odd considering doorbell was working.

Toggled doorbell on and still worked. Toggled off and doorbell stopped working. Toggled back on and resumed working.

Toggled off for spotlight cam and continued to not work. Toggled back on for spotlight cam and still does not work.

I agree with others here….it seems to be an app problem.

Is there any update on the app update? It is definitely an issue with the app itself.

Hi neighbors. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’ve shared this feedback with our teams here and we are expecting to have this fixed with the next Ring app update. I don’t have an exact date, but it should be a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your attention to detail and if you have any other questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask the Community. Thanks, neighbor!

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@Tom_Ring Thanks. This is good news! I don’t think this would have been corrected with individual calls to technical support, so this demonstrates the value of this forum with multiple folks comparing notes and reporting similar issues, and helpful Ring representatives like Tom.

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Yes thank goodness for attention to detail!

I am having the same issue with my app and the Ring2. It doesn’t update the picture on the dashboard. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but that didn’t help. I do have Snapshot on. This makes me have to go to live view all the time. Please fix this ASAP!

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Same problem. I have a front camera and a garage camera. I open the app and the timer will work but the images are from yesterday. If I open the app in the morning, I still see the night view. If I open the app at night, I see the day view.
Example: I put out our recycle bin 2 hours ago and the view still doesn’t show the bin at the curb, which it should. In order to see anything in real time I have to “tap to go live” in order to see what’s going on. Of course this reduces battery life. Then all of a sudden the images will update. Then they go back to not being updated. So even setting the cameras on high notification, nothing changes. Reset Ring, reset the phone, these updates are killing my ease of use. I want to open the App and see the current view-not the view from yesterday or last night or last morning. The timer just rolls on but the views do no.

It didn’t work for me, either. Nothing I do gives me that view when I open the app.

The latest app update released yesterday SEEMS to have fixed this (on iOS anyway, not sure if there was an Android update).

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Version 5.39.0 for iOS seems to have also fixed this issue for me

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I have the same problem but am using an Android app. Any solution?

@Drewmama Wait for the app to be updated. I suspect the issue will be sorted in the next Android app update if one hasn’t came out yet.