Dashboard not displaying anything for cameras with motion detect off

I have my cameras set to grab snapshots regularly. I have noticed on cameras where I have disabled motion detection nothing is displayed on dashboard. I would expect with motion detection off that I would still get snapshot view taken most recently or a live refresh. Instead the window for that camera shows message that motion off.
I do not want motion on inside cameras when I am home as people are expected to be walking around. However, I do want to see what may cameras see if I choose to access dashboard.

Hi @PhilliesPhan. If you disable the motion detection on your Cameras, then you will not see a Camera Preview image on the dashboard and Snapshot Capture will be disabled. Under the Mode Settings when you choose how a particular Camera will behave in a specific Mode, you have the option to enable or disable motion detection. If you toggle the motion detection off, Snapshot Capture will also be disabled.

The screenshot above shows where this messaging appears in the Ring app when you disable motion detection under the Mode Settings tile. If you enable motion detection again, your Snapshot Capture should resume as normal. I hope this helps clear things up.