Dashboard 'Lights' button missing?? ?


Up until app v3.27.1 to v3.27.2 I’ve always had a ‘Lights’ button in the app dashboard to control my spotlights quickly. That button is no longer present in the aforementioned versions (be it via a fresh app install or updating).

Rebooting the base station and restarting the bridge does nothing to bring it back.
My only recourse is to use older app versions (3.25.0/3.26. 0/3.27.0) - upon installing those versions the button/function returns. (see attached pic).

Why was this button removed or where has it gone ring? Must customers rely on your old app versions to have things running smoothly?

I guess no one from ring is willing to respond to this? Thanks.

Wow Ring! Your response or lack thereof has been *ASTOUNDING*!! ?

It fills me with complete confidence (*cough* dread) to make further purchases or recommend your products.

Thank You! ?

Has anyone else have this problem or is it just another random occurrence of the ring app?

I had this before. I switched from one location to another and it showed back up. Version 3.27.2. Clearing cache may also help.

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Thanks for the response eagle328, I just cleared the cache after closing the app and restarting both the phone and app and no dice.

I guess outdated app versions is the only way to go.

The only other thing I can think of is create another location in the app and then go back and forth. I just tried to recreate this by uninstalling and installing, but it shows up now.
I’m running Android 10 on a One+ 7T and Pixel 3A XL. Hopefully the next update will fix it for you.


What device are you running on, @RngCstmr ? Also, please keep in mind that this is more of a neighbor - to - neighbor forum versus a support forum. If you need immediate support, please reach out to our support team. We appreciate your patience. Thanks

Hi again,

The latest ring update v3.28.0 fixed the issue and the button is back on the dashboard again. Thanks everyone.

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Awesome! Glad it came out today. I was running the beta on one of my phones. But couldn’t say anything until it was released today.