Dashboard image preview not refreshing

2 ring cams, one doorbell pro the other is a wired cam over my garage. when i open the app on my iphone the doorbell images will refresh but the garage one will not. if i activate live view the garage cam will show video like normal, but when i stop the live feed the dashboard preview image will also stop and the timestamp counter will just continue to go up indicating the last image was from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes 4 minutes ago etc etc. logging in and out of the app did nothing as did rebooting my router. i’m having the same issue using the ring app on my ipad and macbook as well so its not an issue with my phone. any suggestions?

Hi. Good RSSI signal strength on all devices?

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yep both are in the green. i’ve had both cams operating for almost 2 years and this issue just started with the garage cam a few days ago. no changes have been made to my wifi network. as of today the garage cam still will not refresh the preview image upon opening the app unless i go to live preview first, then upon closing live view the last image captured will stay in the preview window until i start live view again. and like everyone else, rich notifications have stopped displaying on my apple watch for all of my cameras. i get the alert but no image.

What is the actual RSSI value?

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current value is 54.