Dashboard image not refreshed

So I got a battery video doorbell 4 for around two months. Previously when I open the app every time the still image on the dashboard will refresh to a new image taken immediately. But starting from today I notice that the image on the dashboard would not refresh when I open the app. It would only refresh when something is triggered (e.g. open live view, motion detected, someone ring the bell etc).

I just googled this and found that someone mentioned about similar problems in the US forum. Is this a known issue? Any way to fix it?

Thanks but I am using iPhone (IOS 15.6.1)

Hi @Dondondon. Battery powered devices, such as the Video Doorbell 4, will not update the Camera Preview image as often as a wired device such as the Video Doorbell Pro. You can read more about Camera Previews in our Help Center article here.