Dash cam flaws

My company installs various home security products. I am a solid fan of ring products for the most part.
I was very interested in the car cam, but immediately see two major design flaws, which I am very surprised that ring developers didn’t think about this in advance. Can anybody please put these two flaws to rest?
1 - The car cam sits In plain sight on top of your dash. This is clearly asking for somebody to smash a window and steal it. Yes there’s going to be video on it, but now that somebody else owns your cam, that’s not going to help you. Why can you not mount this cam in a more discreet area?
2 - Having to reprogram the Wi-Fi connection every time you go to another location is ridiculous. Why can’t it store your common Wi-Fi connections just like your phone, tablet, laptop, and pretty much every other mobile device? Unless this was intentional to force people to pay extra for the cloud cam.
3 - is there a reason why it has to be connected to the OBDIC? If we could just power it with a 12 volt cord which would give the user a huge amount of flexibility on where to mount the camera.
Thanks and I hope there are some solutions to these apparent flaws.

Hi @TahoeJohnny. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, I’d be happy to clarify. The Car Cam has dual-facing HD dashboard cameras to record through the windshield and on the inside of your car, so it was designed to be installed on the dashboard. The Car Cam connects to your car’s OBD-II port for power and so the Cam can detect when the car is in motion because you are driving.

As for the wifi connection, the Car Cam can only store one wifi connection at a time. For example, if you have your Car Cam connected to your home wifi network and then drive to work and connect to your work’s wifi, you would need to manually reconnect the Cam to your home wifi once you return home. If you have Ring Protect Go, you receive LTE connectivity for when you are away from your home wifi.

However, I do understand where you’re coming from regarding the option to have the Car Cam remember different wifi networks. I’d suggest adding this idea to our Feature Request board, which is what we use to gather and share neighbor feedback with our teams here. Feel free to reply with a link to the request you create here so other neighbors can easily find your post and vote on it.