Dark Screen on Doorbell 2

Everything was working fine until I transferred my TV from DTV to Comcast. The package I got took my internet speed from 250mbps to 150mbps.

Now I have connection issues with my Doorbell 2.

I get the screen on there from last night when I bring the app up, and when I go to live view I get a dark screen.

The doorbell is only about 12ft from my router.

Please advise.

The first thing to try for trouble shooting is to go into settings, then device health. You will see a section called tools where you can test your Wi-Fi, and check your device health. Give that a shot first.

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Hi @leehop71, thank you for all the detail included in your post to help everyone understand better what is occurring. Were you able to test your Wi-Fi and see the device health as @SonofLiberty82 mentioned?

I got hold of Ring chat and they had me re-install the Doorbell 2 and, after several days, it appears that was the solution!

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Hi @leehop71, thank you for sharing that update. Happy to hear everything is running smoothly again!