Danalock + ring alarm

i can’t use dana lock with ring alarm.
can help me somebody?
please :slight_smile:

Hi @bog. Have you checked to see if the Smart Lock that you have is on the list of compatibility? This Help Center article here has a list of compatible devices that work with Ring. If you don’t see your specific lock on the list, it is not supported with a Ring integration. I hope this helps!

The Danalock was on the compatibility list but has since disappeared.
Can Ring confirm this will work again or why it won’t work any longer please ?

Hi @BigButz. I checked with my team on this integration, and it looks like the Danalock isn’t fully integrated with the Ring Alarm system so that is why it is not on the compatibility list. It’s still a z-wave device so you can try adding it, but we can’t guarantee that it will work or have the functionality that you’re looking for. You can try to add it in the Ring App under Set Up a Device > Security > Works With Ring. I hope this information helps clear things up. :slight_smile: