Damaged in shipment

I ordered a charging station and extra batteries for my Spotlight Cams. I was informed by Ring that the items would be delivered in (2) shipments. I received the first shipment (charging station) yesterday. It was delivered in an Amazon Prime plastic bag. It was raining heavily at the time. Instead of leaving the package close to the door where it would be protected, It was left on our walkway fully exposed to the downpour. After I opened the package, I noticed the items were wet. I set up the device according to the instructions in order to test the device. I used an older battery to perform the test. It did not function as advertised. I have attached a ring photo showing where the package was left. I think this item should be replaced or I should be given a full refund. I would appreciate any advice as to how I should proceed.

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We are just fellow users without access to your account info. You’ll need to call Ring (if you bought the device from them) or Amazon (select to do a return from your order on their website).
Here’s the contact info for Ring.
Contact Us – Ring Help

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Thank you! I’ll give them a call.

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