Daft startup Chime

Need to turn off the daft startup chime, cant see an option for it, device will be returned if this annoying sound cannot be turned off.

This can depend on what sound you are wanting to silence. Notifications from the Ring app can be silenced via the many Ring app options, such as Snooze, Motion Scheduling, or even just toggling off the Motion Alerts. Here is also our Help Center article for Chime Tones, in case you are looking to disable the sound on an actual Ring Chime.

Feel free to specify what sounds or Ring device you are trying to adjust for better suggestions from the Community. :slight_smile:

So how do you turn off the startup sound?

@user3416 Could you provide a bit more clarity or an example of what you mean by the startup sound? What is the name of the Ring device that you have? You can find the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring App if it’s a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera.

user3416 -

Are you referring to the (very loud, obnoxious) digital recordings that are played through the speaker on your Ring device during the setup process?

If not, where is the sound coming from?

  • The speaker on your Ring device(s)
  • The Ring app on your mobile (or computing) device?

I have the same issue. Ring wired doorcam. When it resets or is powered on it will wake the street to tell them. There seems no way to turn this ridiculous feature down or off. Also had to turn volume off for all outside notifications. Seems very poorly thought out. This has been running on a desk for some time. There is no way I can put this outside as it is. :frowning: