Customize nighttime alerts?

I have an exterior solar battery cam set up monitoring the area where I park a vehicle overnight. I’d like to set up a mode and/or routine so that motion detected overnight creates a more meaningful alert.

Currently, our phones are set up to provide us with a gentle sound or vibration when motion is detected (or someone rings the doorbell). However, these alerts won’t wake us up overnight and allow us to view and then manually trigger the siren if needed.

I’d like to set up custom alerts based on a routine (ie between 11pm and 5am)… though I’d be willing to do it manually every night/morning via the Modes feature if that’s my only option.

Can this be accomplished in modes? Or can I set up a routine/skill via Alexa to have the Echo go off loudly if an alert is triggered during set times?

Hi @Peds109. Yes! Creating a routine can be done by utilizing your Amazon Alexa! This Help Center here can help you create a routine to alert you during specific hours via your Amazon Alexa. Let me know how this works out!