Customizable zones not working -- Doorbell 3 Plus

The website says I should be able to draw my own customizable zones but this feature does not seem to work. It only lets me turn on/off the 4 predefined zones. The doorbell is hardwired and working fine otherwise but I don’t understand why this feature is not working. Firmware is up to date and so is the Android app.

Hi @chriseng. The Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus offer Adjustable Motion Zones since they are battery-operated devices. Hardwiring them will provide a trickle charge to help keep the battery topped off, but the device itself is still battery-operated so the Motion Zones you are seeing in the Ring App are the correct Motion Zones available to you. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Thanks Caitlyn! I did notice that the website says customizable zones will also be rolling out to battery devices, which is great. Do you know how long that rollout will take to get to my device?

Hi @chriseng. Stepping in for Caitlyn here! There’s not a way to tell when you specifically will get this update. The rollout of the Customizable Motion Zones should be 100% within the next few weeks! Thank you for being patient while we release this to all of our neighbors!

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Funny. Because my battery-powered Doorbell 2 has customizable zones I can draw. My Doorbell 3 does not.

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Hey @Brian_P. It is normal for some devices to have this feature and others not to have it. As Ring continues this slow roll out, more and more devices will be able to take advantage of this!