Customer support

So I have a ring floodlight cam. I bought it last year and in May is stopped working. I called to try and get it fixed but the person doing the troubleshooting on the phone couldn’t fix the problem and said I would get a replacement. We’ll the replacement never came and by the time I called back in June my warranty had expired. They then offered me a 30% discount code to buy a new for which is declined and asked for a supervisor. They said one would call me…they never did. Every time I call back it’s an international call center and they’re zero help. Is there any chance someone who actually works for ring can respond to me instead of someone in a call center?

If you reported this during the warranty period, then they should honor the replacement. Did you take any notes on the agent’s name and date when you called in during the warranty? I’m not sure if Ring represenatives make notes on our accounts about calls but hopefully so. Try calling back and ask for another supervisor or manager and explain what you just described here and ask they make good on their promise considering you called in with this problem during the warranty period. If that fails, I can point you in another direction.