Customer Service is THE WORST!

I have been on chat and phone calls for over an hour with 2 different support persons and I know absolutely nothing more than I did over an hour ago. A complete waste of my time.

I have 2 simple questions- In a new construction application, I want to know what gauge wire the ring pro requires (simple question, eh?) and what specs are required to be compatible for an interior wall mounted doorbell that can hardwire to the exterior camera.

I actually had to describe what an interior wall mounted doorbell was to their rep… “The little box that hangs on your wall and goes ding-dong when someone comes to your door.” Unbelievable.

The basic product knowledge is tremendously lacking and the rep on chat kept trying to blow me off without even attempting to get an answer that involved anything more than copy-paste pages on the website.

I even asked if the Chime unit is capable of replacing the interior unit, and even THAT went unanswered. I was just told “The chime can’t be hard-wired.” That wasn’t my question.

I STILL have no answers, and these are very basic questions. You would think the support reps would have at least basic training in their products. I have never encountered support reps in any company who have LESS product knowledge!

Hi @CK1111. There isn’t a specific gauge you need for the Video Doorbell Pro or Video Doorbell Pro 2, 18-20AWG should suffice. You don’t want the gauge to be too thin or it will not carry enough power for the Pro and the chime kit. Both Doorbell Pro models connect to a standard doorbell circuit utilizing a 16-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz transformer and a compatible chime kit. You can find a list of compatible mechanical and digital chime kits for the Doorbell Pro here and the Doorbell Pro 2 here.

The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro are plug-in devices that can play an audible alert when your Doorbell detects motion or someone rings it. The Chime Pro is also a wifi extender for Ring devices only. Both Chimes plug into a standard wall outlet to receive power and connect to your wifi network. Hope that helps answer your questions.