Customer Service - Help setting up Security Spotlight Camera Pro motion detection etc

I was looking for some help with motion detection with my new spotlight cam pro, since I am getting an inconsistent setup.

Called the customer service support line @ 1800 656 1918, went through 6 steps along with the process of verification for customer service. Each time after verification the automated bot hangs up. I have tried 6 times now with the same result. Pretty frustrating at the least. I really liked Ring and never had to encounter their customer service for any of their products before and this response is really strange.

Tried to connect with someone on chat, they told me that the support telephone number is where tech support can get connect and help me through setup vs the chat.

So Im confused and disappointed trying to setup this security cam and get it working satisfactorily. I would appreciate a response.


Hi @hari0011. Sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble getting connected with our support team. The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, but we’re happy to help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks. Can you provide some more information on what concern you’re experiencing? Is there a specific part of the setup process you’re getting stuck on, or do you have questions on a particular setting?

Thanks. I have set up the spot light cam pro with 2 batteries and a solar panel on a gutter using the pole mount.

I have two primary issues,

  1. It fails to connect multiple times for the live view.
  2. Motion detection is inconsistent at best. Sometimes and sometimes it does not (most of the time it does not). I read online that birds eye view restricts the motion detection to less than 25 ft, so I tried turning birds eye view off (I removed the birds eye zones in motion settings so it now says Max Range.

But I haven’t had any luck to get it to function properly. I have multiple ring devices and this is the first one that has given me such issues.

And getting to customer support has been impossible which has just frustrated me more than the device not working.

I have the chat screenshots which I can post, of literally me pleading with the chat rep to connect me but getting a stock reply of calling a number I’ve been trying to reach for 4 days now and keep getting disconnected by the bot after authorization of my account every single time for 4 days now.

All I need is to be able to connect with a service rep (tech) that can help me fix the issue but that has been next to impossible and I got 2/3 cameras and accessories. I also have a deadline by which I need to get these installed and working otherwise the purpose of me getting them now becomes moot. Didnt imagine it’ll take 4 days to put up a camera in working order.

@hari0011 A weak or unstable wifi signal can cause issues with the Live View connecting, and it can impact the motion detection to some degree. I’d recommend reviewing this article for information on checking the signal strength for your Spotlight Cam Pro. Having a strong and stable signal is key for optimal performance.

While motion detection can be impacted by the wifi, there are also several other factors at play, such as the position of your Camera and your motion settings. It’s typically recommended to have the Spotlight Cam mounted at around 9 feet high, with the Camera parallel to the ground. Angling the Camera straight down will negatively impact the motion detection.

Regarding our support team, I know that chat support is intended for general questions. Since you’ve had some trouble getting in touch so far, I’d recommend reaching out to our team on social media instead. You can do this by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook, or a direct message @Ring on Twitter. This will connect you with our social support team, who can assist with more in-depth troubleshooting as needed. I hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate the note regarding how to contact support. This is the first time someone has given me something other than asking me to keep trying the 1-800-656-1918 number, and that eventually it will work and someone will answer. Hasnt happened yet.

In the mean time, I have been trying to run through some of your suggestions to improve the motion detection/bird’s eye view/live view connectivity, etc on my own. Thank you for the tip about 9 feet is something I wish I had known earlier; I’ve already installed it with screws, etc, this is something I will need to consider a bit more. I think eventually I will have a workable solution as it has improved a bit as I have changed the wifi/camera settings.


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