Customer service - anything for a sale

I felt as if I was lied to by customer service when I purchased the ring doorbell. I recently spent 3 months in the hospital and I have mobility problems and standing up for more than a few minutes, which is why I decided to purchase the ring doorbell (wired).
I explained my situation in detail to the customer service representative over the phone to make sure that the product, installation and setup would be right for me. She assured me that I could do it by myself easily in a few minutes. It was far from it.
Once I received it and called for any help I was told to hire an electrician.
I had to wait for a friend to install it, who is a tech, and it took longer than the “few minutes “ the customer service agent said it would take.
Later, my ISP upgraded my modem and router. I followed the instructions and reset my ring doorbell to be on the new network. A simple task but with pain and mobility problems it took me about 30 minutes.
Now my wired ring doorbell is loosing battery power and my only options are to wait until a friend can take a look at it, because I cannot run back and forth between the breaker box and the front door, or hire an electrician for several hundred dollars.

Hi @user18108. I’m sorry to hear about any miscommunication with our support team. Could you please confirm the model of Ring Doorbell you have for me? The model name should be under the Device Health screen within the Ring app. The installation process and power requirements can vary between each Doorbell model, so I want to ensure I’m giving you information that is applicable to the Doorbell you have. :slight_smile: