Customer Phone call wait times

Just wanted to add my two cents in, if you are not going to handle heat i think its better not to give out a phone number to call. I have been on the “Wait” for over 90 minutes and i know for fact now that Ring do not care about their customers. Paid or not Paid accounts. This outage should have been handled much better if you are in security business. You are charging over prices for devices that are basically low cost. This company went to wrong direction after Amazon purchase. Their customer service in the beginning was amazing and you will get help and offers right away. Nowadays all they do is give me your money and bye. Sad to say this but the support and standing behind the service and product is non existent. Such a pity to see a great start up getting demolished by wrong decisions.

Stay safe all and happy holidays…

Did you click on the red banner across the top of the page? That’d give you the reason why wait times are so long right now.

Thats why i said if you cant handle the heat. I think an Amazon company should have better support in their products. I am aware of the amazon outage as well as ring outage and they are probably related. But again a company in security business and as big as Amazon should handle these times better

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Yes, but there’s the whole “have patience” saying as well.

Bonne chance!