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I called ring in May 2022 to report two of my ten cameras being faulty. 1) My floodlit cam constantly turns the light on and off throughout the night, for no reason. I was talked through tweaking the sensitivity settings but it makes no difference. My neighbour was complaining so we had to switch off the light completely which presents a security risk. The second issue is with a Security Cam that is omitting a constant high pitch noise. I was asked to do a hard reset of the device which took a couple of months to arrange as I had to call out the security company who installed them when they serviced my alarm due to the high position on the house. The hard reset made no difference but the Ring support rep (his name is Nayer Amin, stopped responding to emails, even though he adked me to email him when the camera had been reset. I’ve chased a number of times on the email address he wrote to me from (which is but he has failed to respond. So I have two faulty cameras and need help. Chat service told me i needed to raise this post in the community chat so here I am.

Hi @RunningTopps. Your Floodlight Cam should not be emitting a high pitched noise. If it is, I suggest having a qualified electrician evaluate it. If your cam is incorrectly installed, it could be the reason the lights are flickering.

Tom - Please kindly view the support ticket that was raised against my account in April / May. The floodlit cam was working fine for 6 months then became faulty. It was installed by a qualified electrician and there is no issue with the electric supply to the device. Also the lights are not flickering (I didn’t say this), the light turns itself on every 1 or 2 mins, for no reason. Nothing is triggering it and the flootlit cam to the side of my garage does not have this problem. If the device is faulty and your customer service rep (Nayer Amin) has been unable to fix the issue with a number of config changes, surely you just need to replace it? In terms of the security cam making the high pitch noise. The high pitch noise is on playback only. Again this device has been correctly installed by an electrician and checked by an electrician since it started doing this. If you view any recordings from this device this year you will hear the high pitch noise which renders the device useless. It needs replacing. So I am raising this complaint, as requested by your colleague on chat, on this community site. Please can you escalate this to a manager.

Hi @RunningTopps. Here in the Ring Community, no one has access to your account. The Ring Community is a peer to peer support forum where we offer basic self troubleshooting steps that can resolve most concerns.

Thanks for clarifying that the light is not flickering, but just turning off and on. This leads me to believe that the Cam is not positioned correctly. How high is it mounted off the Ground and is the bubble on the bottom of the Cam parallel to the ground? This is crucial for optimal Motion Detection. This Help Center article here has the correct information on how to position your Floodlight Cam.

If you’ve tried this to no avail, you’ll have to contact our support team. Since you’ve done this before, you can ask to speak with our level 2 support team. If they determine you are eligible for a replacement, they will be able to handle that process, as here in the Community we are unable to fulfill this request. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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